Monday, August 19, 2013

My, my......where does the time go?

   On August 6th, says my tech crew (brother-in-law), something bad happened to the server that had been storing my website, So, while all that is sorted out, we're routing things here. To my Blogger site. That I had apparently forgotten about.
   (In my defense, I am pretty busy. And a massive, well-oiled promotion infrastructure - hell, even a barely functioning one - has never really been my strong suit as the long-time independent performing artist that I am. And I suppose quick and easy updates on Facebook have been sufficing.)
   But wow. OK. Well, what's happened since last October?

   + Once again, I have a few steady performing nights, solo acoustic, which have been fabulous. They're like going to the musical gym two nights a week. (Tuesdays, 7PM, at Ricks Cafe Boatyard and Thursdays, 7PM, at the Hurricane Grill.) And frequent shows at the Chateau Thomas locations in Plainfield and Fishers. And lots of great rock and roll gigs, here and there.

   + Lots of work in my position as Composer/Sound Designer-In-Residence at the Phoenix Theatre. Shot and directed video segments for the NNPN "Rolling World Premiere" of "Guapa" by Caridad Svich. Original music and/or sound design for "The Lyons" by Nicky Silver, "Clybourne Park" by Bruce Norris, "4000 Miles" by Amy Herzog and "Love, Loss and What I Wore" by Nora and Delia Ephron - which has been extended with a second run from September 5 thru 15.

   + Have been continuing my deepening love affair with the beautiful locale and people of Madison, IN. Annual "Obscure Neil Young Night" and band gigs at the fabulous Thomas Family Winery. Cast-member of the Cultural Continuum of Madison "O Madison, Where Art Thou" travelling theatrical concert event.

+ My studio, Hit City, is busier than ever (as is the neighborhood - all us little new-wavers in the 80's used to jokingly call it "Sobro" - now everyone does.) Reconnected with my mentor and studio founder Dave Langiftt and my ex- Today's Icon's bandmate Pete Gable. In the middle of producing a handful of albums - by Rex Martin, Mike "Woody" Woodall, Chuck Foster, a solo LP by Rosetta Pebble's Steve Gulian and a project with Richard Sullivan on the horizon.

+ Some jazz gigs, mostly at my personal Valhalla of Jazz, The Chatterbox, with great players including Steven's Jones and Weakley, and Charles (Sir Charlie B.) Bennett.

+ Sang two songs written by myself and David Rheins, "Step In Peace" and "Be Apart", at the Arts Council of Indianapolis 2011-12 Creative Renewal Grant performance retrospective at the Indianapolis Art Center.

+ Three people I really cared about departed this world too soon. Other than that, everyone is hanging in there.

+ Made some great new musical relationships, lost a few great musical relationships, renewed some great old musical relationships.

+ This is starting to sound like one of those goofy year-end Christmas card recaps.

+ Some great summer gigs. The Montgulian Manor Summer Solstice Party in Detroit, the Phoenix Brew-Ha-Ha and a July 4th weekend gig outdoors at the groovy Fishers "Nickel Plate District" Amphitheater.

+ Finally got to be in the same room as Paul McCartney. (OK, so it was a basketball arena and he was performing a concert, but still...)

+ Had a couple of great solo acoustic shows where I played through for 3 straight hours. And when they were done, I was able to bypass the ever-present Critical Brain briefly - and I felt really, really good, like I had never ever played or sang better in my life.

+ And just completed a rather lengthy, momentous and chaotic Western road trip (Oregon and California coasts, my people in San Francisco and Paso Robles, Joshua Tree, Las Vegas, Zion and Bryce Canyon NP's) with fore-mentioned Rheins.

There you go. All caught up. Hope all is well.  Stay tuned for yet another attempt to get my e-world sorted out. TB

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