Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Prine: A Tribute Concert" opens to raves in the Chicago Reader, the Chicago Sun-Times, Metromix Chicago and on WGN Radio!

Here's the latest on our current roadshow adventure:
 "Prine: A Tribute Concert" opened this past weekend 
at the Viaduct Theater in Chicago, the first reviews 
are in, and the Good People With Broad Shoulders 
seem to be digging it!

Dan Jakes writes in The Chicago Reader:

"Soulful and gimmick-free, this spirited show breathes
 new life into 32 songs by folk legend John Prine. Set
 against a simple red curtain, with some beer bottles
 and tables onstage for atmosphere, this is a
 no-narration concert. Director Bryan Fonseca allows
 Prine's songs to speak for themselves by backing them
 with only minimal staging and subtle ensemble
 characterization. His efforts highlight the music's
 inherent theatricality and heighten the full-bodied
 arrangements by music director Tim Brickley. The
 cast is vocally and generationally diverse, shedding
 new light on classics like the cheeky reefer anthem
 "Illegal Smile" and the heartbreaking Vietnam vet
 ballad "Sam Stone." Whether you know the words
 or not, an hour in, you may feel like singing along.."

In the Chicago Sun-Times theater listings, staff writer
Mary Houlihan gives us a coveted "highly recommended"
after the production's listing/summation.  A portend
of a review to come? Hmmm.....

In the Chicago Metromix, reader/reviewer/
audience member"TL5Emeritus" writes on January 
16, 2011 at 10:50 PM:

"My sweetie and I attended the Sunday matinee
performance of this tribute to John Prine. We were
touched by the great music and we found new
appreciation for his song-writing artistry.
The performers were excellent musicians and
brought John's music to life with subtle vignettes
worked into their performances. It was our first
visit to the Viaduct and we both love the cozy/casual 
ambience of the place. We both heartily endorse 
the show and the venue."

And our intrepid co-producer, the inspiring Scott 
Vehill of Chicago's Prop Thtr (yes, that's how they
 spell it!?!?) has appeared the last two Sundays on
 "The Sunday Paper's With Rich Kogan" on 
WGN Radio AM-720. The first appearance, on
 Jan 9, is a great introduction to Scott, The Prop,
 and "Prine: A Tribute Concert". Kogan's a fabulous 
radio personality and I could listen to Scott talk all day......

This past Sunday's segment was primarily on the "Fringe 
Fest"-like RHINOFEST theatre festival currently running 
at both stages at the Prop - but it has a great beginning 
bit about the "Prine" opening weekend:

We'll keep you posted on further developments. In the meantime 
click here to get tickets to the show! Showtimes are 7PM on 
Fridays, 5PM and 7:30PM on Saturdays (note: no shows on 
Sat. Jan. 29, though) and Sundays at 3PM....