Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Birth of "Dough-Re-Gami"....

Had a lovely evening playing w/ the Quintet at the Chatterbox this past Saturday night. When the fabled Chatterbox tip bucket came back at the end of the first set, I looked down......and there these were looking up at me: two cute, perfect little pointy-toed boots folded out of dollar bills. (Given the season - and the color - elf boots perhaps?). Anyway, they were - and are - rather astonishingly crafted, standing fully upright on their own, very sturdy - and the oddest thing to ever show up in the fabled Chatterbox tip bucket, which is truly saying something. The lovely woman who made them explained at one point in her life she had been a waitress in a truck stop and one of her customers showed her the boot/dollar trick. I wish I would have gotten her name, because I think she's on to something here. Not only do I want to order a few pairs as gifts, but I think there's a coffee table book in the offing. How many other things can you fold out of a dollar bill? There must be hundreds out there! (PS: "Dough-Re-Gami" is copyright 2011, yours truly...)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New video of "The Man With The Golden Tune".

A few years back, I helped talented songwriter Peter Weisz by performing and producing some of his vast song catalog, including a moving tribute to lengendary Chicago folk music legend Steve Goodman. Titled "The Man With The Golden Tune", the recording was featured on a companion CD that accompanied Clay Eals recent biography of Steve, "Steve Goodman: Facing The Music", and now Peter has put together a video of the song featuring some great archival footage and pics of Steve. Enjoy!