Friday, May 15, 2009

Jay Harvey review of "Zippers" in the Indy Star. .

It's nice to be appreciated, isn't it? I still remember years ago, Mr. Harvey reviewed a Big Band performance of ours at the Indy Jazz Fest, and he praised the "spirited, quirky resuscitation's" of some famous Nelson Riddle/Sinatra arrangements. I thought the same thing then, as I did this morning - someone gets it! (Especially in his praise of the "hard-working" cast. Watching them work their craft - and seeing the characters grow with each each performance - has been one of the real treats of this experience.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"We're Open. Therefore, We're Ready."

Bryan Fonseca tells me I coined this phrase in the fateful crunch-time of one of our early musical productions, probably "Three Penny Opera" in 1986, and it's stuck with him ever since. And I suppose it works, it's basic logic is inescapable: "Zippers Of Zoomerville" opened last Thursday night, and therefore, we were ready.

In that same pre-show, get-your-head-together chat w/ Bryan, he told me another saying, which I'm going to mangle here, that he attributed to the wonderful Gayle Steigerwald. Concerning the long, exhausting, eventful, elating yet often-contentious rehearsal process (check my memoirs out in a few years for all the salacious, tendentious details) she once told Bryan something along the lines of: That was the play we all thought we were in. Once it opens, it becomes the play we're all really in.

And so, we're really in it now - every Wednesday thru Saturday night until June 6. (Weds./Thrs. @ 7PM, Fri./Sat. @ 8PM - call 317.635.PLAY or go to for tix.)

The early reviews have been incredibly heartening. I'm tempted to pull quotes, but will demur and let you read them in their unexpurgated glory:

"Zippy Zoomerville Launched", Lou Harry, Indianapolis Business Journal, his "A+E" column:

"Theatre Review: 'The Zippers Of Zoomerville' at the Phoenix", Hope Baugh, Indy Theatre Habit: , and

"Photo Flash: The Zippers Of Zoomerville at Phoenix Theatre",
The shows have been a blast so far. The incredible skill, talent, heart and soul of the cast has been a wonder to behold. It's truly a really fun night of entertainment - and I'm not just saying that to put asses in the seats. (Although I probably would, if it were a dog. But it's not. It's a good time. Come put your ass in a seat. Really.)