Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Different Beat Radio" on iTunes, new website....

The second episode of my new Different Beat Radio podcast/radio show is out, and after a two-week, rather steep learning curve (for this old-school sort) - it's now an actual, honest-to-Gawd podcast. You can- and I urge you to! - subscribe in a variety of ways:

If you are like me, iTunes is the easiest way to subscribe, download and listen to podcasts. You need to have iTunes on your computer, then go to:

hit "subscribe", and you'll get all the upcoming episodes.

You can also go to:

which is where the podcast "feed" lives. You can read up on each episode, listen or download, and subscribe via a variety of "podcatchers" (such as iTunes) or - in a handy feature - subscribe via your good, old-fashioned e-mail - each new episode will be delivered to your mailbox. Sweet!

And, finally, while I will continue to post the episodes here, there is a new site specifically for the radio show, and that is:

Go check it out - interesting stuff there about Episode #2, "The Birth Of The Geez"......

Monday, February 15, 2010

Different Beat Radio, Episode #2: The Birth Of The Geez, 2-15-10

OK, getting closer on this becoming an actual podcast. But not there yet. For the time being, download here:

This episode was a blast to do. Mostly, because as I neared the end of it I realized I was actually going to do at least two of these things.

But really mostly because of the music. This episode features Indianapolis singer-songwriter Scott Sanders, and Louisville-by-way-of-Portland, Oregon Chuck Foster. Plus a track-in-progress from your's truly.