Thursday, February 24, 2011

No show tonight in Anderson - but an interesting musical weekend ahead!

   Hey, folks: due to the incoming winter weather, Tim at Greek's Pizzeria in Anderson has asked we postpone tonight's show. I told him to send me 4 large Greek's Specials via courier and we'd be cool. (Hardy-har-har.) With the glorious coming of upcoming glorious spring, we are going to get on a bit more regular schedule (music-wise) up there, so stay tuned.
   In other weekend music news, I'm solo acoustic at the fabulous Fishers location of fabulous Chateau Thomas Winery this Friday night, 2,25, performing whatever you call off my 200-song (and growing) The List.
   The next night, Saturday 2.26, I'm going to be performing with the incredibly fun and talented Karen Irwin up at George's (in the Avalon Crossing shopping plaza, approx 71st and Binford) at 8PM. I had worked with Karen in the past at the Phoenix in a few shows she was acting in, but a few weeks ago got my first chance to play some music with her, and it was a blast. She's a great, cool, soulful singer who sings a wide mix of songs - from standards to Janis to Rickie Lee to Corinne Rae Bailey. And she's a wacky, up-front performer who has no problem going over and sitting next to drunk semi-hecklers at the bar in her prom dress with her wireless mic, winning them over. Should be blast - and hope to see you soon......TB

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